Smart Management & Facility Solutions hopes to address every need that our clients many have ranging from security to cleanliness to hospitality. These services are provided at cost-effective prices so as to ensure that our company has a cutting-edge over our competitors in providing nominally-priced solutions at an extremely good quality. We wish to satisfy our customers completely, which is indicative of why all our services try to incorporate elements of versatility and efficiency in all aspects of our work and the projects we support. We also believe that this satisfaction in customers can only stem from working in close proximity with our client base and completely understanding their needs, and ensuring these needs are effectively transmitted into actions. Communication is also seen as key to us, since we believe that proper channels of communication can help in resolving differences of opinion as well as fostering better working relationships between ourselves and our clients. Being a young, innovative and flexible organization, we aim to provide high-quality services to our clientele, by providing those services that are central to our interests as well as that of our clients. These can also result in significant and sizeable cost advantages, and is beneficial to all involved stakeholders, hence making the entire process viable, economic and highly efficient. SMART hopes to inculcate this concept into the very ethos of the organization at all levels and across all employees.

As a part of this, we have conceptualized industrial security services as well, which provide round-the-clock security by extremely efficient employees with special regard and skills in the field of security, patrolling and guarding. Since these individuals are concerned with security of corporate as well as social assets, primal care is given to ensure that security is never lax, and any shortfalls in quality or ability are immediately addressed. Our workers address the security needs of a wide range of customers ranging from Information Technology parks, malls, corporate establishments, multinational corporations, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, multiplexes, housing structures and even airlines and airports. This can be indicative of the levels of commitment our workers display, and the patronage that SMART enjoys among various fraternity. Our workers are equipped to work for complete security and provide resilience against theft, pilferage, intrusion, accidents, natural hazards and so on. SMART enjoys a comparative advantage over competitors because in addition to providing services traditionally associated with guarding and patrolling, we also provide services such as round-the-clock accessibility to control rooms, all security requirements under one roof and at extremely cost-effective prices, solid infrastructure as a support system, an extremely quick reaction time, monthly intelligence reports to clients so as to reduce communication barriers, free periodical security audit for clients, liasoning with police and law and order officials, confidential reports on other vendors and workers that the client may be engaged in business with so as to provide background checks, provision of a separate assignment manager if necessary, annual classes on first-aid and care, as well as training on the basics of disaster management, crisis aversion and resilience
We believe that it is exactly these services that can help in providing SMART an upper hand over other competitors, and will cement us as one of the topmost security providers in the country.