At Smart Management & Facility Solutions, we aspire to provide work-class Facility Management services at nominal prices while also ensuring absolutely no compromising on quality and caliber of the provided services. We wish to satisfy our customers completely, which is indicative of why all our services try to incorporate elements of versatility and efficiency in all aspects of our work. We also believe that this satisfaction in customers can only stem from working in close proximity with our client base and completely understanding our needs, hence transposing them as our own needs. We also believe in clear and concise parlay of information across communication lines.
In line with this, our Housekeeping Service division aims to implement these very elements into our system, and display unparalleled levels of professionalism. Our housekeeping services are designed so as to maintain a clean, safe and happy environment for you. Our range of clients range from academic and research institutions and educational educations to commercial complexes, IT parks, shopping malls and so on. These services are provided round-the-clock and throughout the year, so as to ensure that utmost satisfactory delivery of our housekeeping services, while also proving to be extremely efficient and effective. Our housekeeping services comes in three varients; the Basic Standard, where cleanliness is maintained round-the-clock in office areas, service areas, public areas, utility areas as well as common areas such as fire exits, staircases, lifts, parking spaces and so on. This provides an overall cleanliness of the area under consideration, and ensures complete cleanliness even in spaces where footfall might be on the higher side, hence stressing on the need for immediate housekeeping services. The Prestige Standard provides higher cleanliness services and expands services to areas that are of stately importance, taking under its wing areas such as VIP rooms, pantries, lobbies, reception areas and the like, hence lending professionalism to these arenas, which are highly required and subject to public scrutiny. The last subsection, aptly named the Hygiene Section, lends expertise in arenas and places where hygiene is of paramount importance. For instance, this could include hospitals, restrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, pantries, first aid rooms, health centers, work spaces and so on. Appropriate cleaning materials and cleaning mechanisms will be used in the cleaning of these spaces, since hygiene and sanitation of these spaces cannot be compromised upon.
Also to be elaborated is the level and frequency of cleaning of the services we provide. Here, we have the Routine Cleaning, where round-the-clock cleaning and housekeeping services are provided, hence maintaining an extremely high level of cleanliness, and also resulting in the sustained sanitary conditions of the area under consideration. All work areas and floor spaces are routinely maintained so as to look highly presentable and to be deemed worthy for inspection. Next on offer is the Reactive Cleaning; that is applicable to areas such as cafeterias and so on, where cleaning activities take place as responses to spillages or any other such sanitary mishaps. This ensures tidiness at all points of time, while also ensuring that work areas do not suffer from any breach of cleanliness. We also have the Periodic Cleaning type of cleaning, that includes routine, thorough and extremely precise methods of cleaning with location and area specific cleaning tools so as to ensure a spotless and thorough cleaning experience, which also caters to very specific needs clients might have.